1. Resort

All the fun is difficult to see in just one day. Book your own Luxury Villa and spend a whole week in our mysterious paradise. With 24 Hour Anti-Zombie Patrols for your safety!

2. Kids Area

Dark Lagoon is not a family experience; But if you decide to bring your kids, we have a specially built protective play area! Our watchtower helps ensure your children’s well being.

3. Parking

Dark Lagoon can not be held responsible for any damage of theft from your vehicle. Additional Zombie insurance is available from our office!

4. Main Entry

All visitors must use the main entrance for their own safety. Present your park pass to our frequently friendly robot inspector.

5. Tickets

You can purchase your tickets for the park here or online! Visitors found without a valid ticket will be fed to the zombies!

6. Carousel

Have you ever wondered how would it feel like to ride on Mermaid Zombie’s scaly body? Haven’t we all? Try it here, with authentic zombie sounds effects!

7. First Aid

Nearly 15 % for Zombie bite victims survive thanks to our fantastic First Aid Center! We provide vaccinations and amputation services!

8. Diving

Fancy taking a plunge into the abyss, getting up close and personal with our Zombie wildlife!? We don’t think its a good idea, but you can at your own risk! Visit the diving center for more information.

9. Zombie Safari

The Main attraction of Dark Lagoon. Witness our rare zombie species in their natural habitat. Our Protective tour boats with underwater viewing will get you the closest you can to Zombies without becoming one.

10. Tunnel of Love

It´s a well known fact that Romance tastes better in the midst of terror! Take a romantic horror ride through the darkest lagoon waters on our custom made pedalos, while surrounded by feasting zombies!